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Structural Fabrication

For over 50 years, Sioux City Foundry’s Structural Fabrication department has strived to utilize the latest technology in quality structural steel and sheet metal fabrication. Our professional staff provides our customers with reliable products, services, and on-time delivery. Whether you need a single structural beam, or an entire structural assembly, Sioux City Foundry is your one-stop metal shop.

Beam Coping

Beam Coping

Our newest beam coping machine features high definition plasma cutting, which products faster cutting speed and enables piercing and cutting thicker material. It also features 4-side cutting and layout marking. Its ability to reach all four sides of a profile without manual intervention increases proficiency and decreases turn-around time. The advanced software and automatic robot calibration eliminates manual programming, saving you time and money.


Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Custom Structural Fabrication

Sioux City Foundry is one of the most versatile structural fabrication shops in the Midwest. We meet your steel fabricating needs with competitive pricing and quality service. We are conveniently located next to our own Steel Service Center, making us an unbeatable combination when it comes to processing steel and sheet metal for our customers. We are your complete fabricating resource. We supply rolled and welded steel plates, fabricated tanks and heavy weldments, as well as quality structural steel beams for bridge and building construction. Call 888-550-2562 today and make Sioux City Foundry your preferred supplier for all your custom structural fabrication needs.

AISC Certified

AISC CertifiedAISC

Steel Building Structures

Sioux City Foundry is recognized by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) for successfully meeting the quality certification requirements for Standard of Steel Building Structures. AISC's certification program sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized, national quality certification program in the industry.

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